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Made with 7 panels

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Traditional Goes Miniature

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 See the steps

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You won't believe how this started


Challenge - All forms of water

SWIRL QUILTS made with a 9 degree ruler.  Easy, easy!  No seams to match!

The music quilt has 19 different music fabrics and won Best of Show in Jackson, MI

This Swirl quilt does match all seams.  This won Best of Show at the Lakeside Quilters Guild Quilt Guild show in Oshkosh, WI.


Lots of different techniques which began by weaving (see next screen), different sized yo-yo's for the balloons, couched cording to separate the outer strips with lots of fun free motion quilting and the curly strings coming from the balloons are the same cordings, but baked into korkers!

I got this free pattern shape from Geta's Quilting Studio, then filled in each section with a different free motion quilting motif.  I used pink thread, but it's hard to tell.


I used a 9 degree ruler for the colorful circle and foundation paper piecing the 2 centers and 2 corners; then the fun of free motion quilting different motifs around.  This quilt is based on my initials with words to represent the quilt.


21" x 21" This was a result of a guild challenge using 2 men's silk ties. I used 5 and used the freezer paper applique method.  There are no raw edges. I began by sewing 2 log cabins in graduated purples and blacks. I then wove them. After the car was appliqued, I layed a layer of tulle on top, then the fun began with free motion quiling a different motif in each quardrant sections. The Nascar flags are 3 dimensional.  My husband downloaded a car he liked (he wanted me to make a Nascar quilt for his office). He loves it hanging on his walls!  I received 1st place!


I'm Lost

1 36 inch kalediscope brighter.jpg

36" square

1 60 inches brighter maybe.jpg

Kaleidoscope technique by Ricky Tims. 

60" square

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