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Quilty chair is comfy!

I used the flip and sew method on some muslin with batting under that.  I didn't remove the original seat material.  I made thicker piping and hot glued it to the edge of the metal seat, after unscrewing the cardboard seat.  Pull "quilt" over the edge and staple on.  Then screw the seat back on.  Enjoy!

Turn this homely table into a fun QUILTY TABLE.

Wanna add some fun to your studio? What to do with quilting magazines? Cut out quilt pictures and ModPodge them? How fun is this? Goes with my fabric quilty chair!

TABLE BEFORE_edited.jpg

Miniature Quilt Shop

15" wide x 10" high x 10" deep

Large batting rolls are cumbersome to move around. Unscrew the base of an old office chair and insert the batting roll onto the post. Now it moves easily.

batting wheels torn.jpeg
BATTING on wheels.jpeg
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