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This was a challenge in Minnesota Quilters Guild. Challenge: 32 item scavenger hunt. It won 2 first place awards.

 The background was pieced by drawing random curvy shapes on freezer paper including registration marks so it could be put back together.  The tree was couched with yarn. Circles were machine embroidered, appliqued to the outer circle with invisible thread, then hand appliqued to the quilt. Free motion quilting was mostly McTavishing to blend into the background.  What an honor to have received both 1st places!

full quilt bighter cropped.jpg
1 pattern drawn.jpg
3 tape seams.jpg
4 back showing sewn.jpg
1 step.jpg
2 step.jpg
3 step.jpg
4 step.jpg
Back shows all zig zaged appliqued
5 background done.jpg
7 Freezer paper tree.jpg
6 roughly drawn tree.jpeg
8 tree closeup.jpeg

Free hand a funky tree

Trace and cut freezer paper for pattern. Iron to back of fabric. Cut leaving about 1/4" to turn under with starch and brush

Couched black yarn along edges to add pop

Or starch & tiny brush

13 fmq.jpeg
12 fmq.jpeg
9 label.jpeg

Gotta have a label

Easy MacTavishing free motion quilting on the background
14 fmq.jpeg
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